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The Ohio Labor Council offers a variety of services to its members, such as contract negotiation, representation, and educational seminars on labor relations.


But who do you turn to when your needs aren't related to contracts or arbitration? When you need fellowship and advice from someone who's been there, done that?


What can FOP Lodge 74 offer you?


- Our membership comprises active and retired officers from law enforcement agencies in Central & Eastern Hamilton County, OH.

- Our Legislative Committee monitors legislation that could impact active and/or retired members. They ensure your voice is heard by the politicians representing you by actively participating in the FOP's Ohio Lobby Day.

- Our lodge supports charitable causes in the community with financial and volunteer assistance.


Lodge 74 members receive:


- Automatic enrollment in the State FOP's accidental death policy.

- Opportunities to attend training and seminars at State & National conferences.

- The ability to purchase FOP member-only merchandise, including license plates and placards for your vehicles.


Talk to us about the benefits:


- Free online college

- Professionalism

- Fraternalism

- Legal Assistance

- Insurance Plans

- Scholarship Assistance Funds

- FOP University

- Death Benefit

- Awards

- Certifications

- Training Opportunities

- Community Service

- Family Atmosphere

- FOP Journal four times per year


Additional benefits can be found at, including:


- Pension protection plan

- Workplace assault & hazard insurance

- Home & auto insurance

- FOP mortgages

- Dream Vacations


A small price to pay:



$85.00 per year



$55.00 per year

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